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Do You Want To Have A Fishing Tournament But

Don’t Know Where To Start?


Then give Sportsman’s Media Group, Inc. -

Tournament Services a call. We can structure a fishing tournament just for you or your organization. SMG has all of the equipment necessary to put on a professionally run tournament with no headaches for you. Our team of professionals will sit down with you and let you tell us what kind of event you would like to hold, and we will build the package to fit you and your budget".


Once all agreements are made and a date is set, we will arrive with our crew and equipment, set up our Fishlife Water Weigh In Equipment, and get started with what SMG promises to be a memorable fishing experience for your organization!

What Equipment Do We Offer?


First and foremost we have the most technologically advanced scale systems available today. These scales have been built specifically for fishing tournaments from a company who supplies scales to some of the largest bass fishing events in the U.S. We also furnish a computer operated tournament program, remote scale displays, and video leader boards so your participants and spectators can be in on all of the action and can see the weights in real time.


Next, SMG will have the Fishlife Rescue Tank to keep the fish that are brought to the scales alive and healthy. We monitor the oxygen levels, PH, and temperature of the water to ensure we are providing the optimal environment in which the fish are held. SMG will only promote tournaments which practice catch and release and we utilize the “Fishlife Water Weigh In System” based on the methods developed by Shimano. We are currently the only tournament services provider in Alabama practicing this method and one of only a few in the U.S. Although it cost more to practice this method,

we feel it is but a small price to pay to promote the health & safety of the fish.


Our primary goal is the health and well being of the fish that are brought to the scales and we take every precaution necessary to make sure they are returned to the water in better condition than they were received. SMG's goal is a 100% survival rate in all tournaments.


SMG also offers a portable stage set up, overhead trussing, and we set up our weigh station tents, our sponsor’s banner fencing, any banners you may have, and prepare a professional area to have your weigh-in along with full wireless PA systems, music, and offer live web streaming as an option.


So as you can see SMG is well equipped to give YOUR fishing tournament The professional feel minus the costs typically associated with it.


Do not hesitate to contact Sportsman’s Media Group, Inc. for more information on how we can make your fishing tournament a success!

Why would I choose SMG, Inc

to put on my fishing tournament?


• We are a respected name in the industry


• We use the most technologically advanced

   equipment in use today


• Our fish care and conservation methods

   are 2nd to none


• We offer a full staff of personnel who is

   trained and experienced


• We off custom formats allowing for

   “large ” or“small” options


• We are here for YOU. When YOU look

   good, WE look good.